The Law Offices of Richard G. Novak represents individuals who have been charged with, or who are under investigation for, violations of federal and state law, as well as individuals who may be witnesses in such prosecutions or investigations.  The firm also has extensive experience representing individuals in appeals and other post-conviction proceedings.
The firm has significant experience representing individuals involved in grand jury investigations.  The firm has deep experience representing individuals who are under investigation or who are being prosecuted in a wide range of areas, such as real estate fraud, tax offenses, offenses involving sexual conduct, investment fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, narcotics distribution, racketeering, crimes of violence, insider trading, health care fraud, and offenses related to immigration laws.  The firm also aggressively represents individuals whose parental rights are at risk as a result of investigations by child welfare agencies and proceedings under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

The firm treats every client as an individual.  We limit our active caseload so that every one of our clients can receive careful, strategic guidance.  The firm affiliates itself with experienced, reliable practitioners in related fields, such as licensed private investigators, forensic accountants, and mental health professionals so that our guidance and litigation advice is based on a solid foundation of independent assessment of the allegations and the evidence.  The firm uses advanced computer technologies for the management and analysis of case materials.

The firm is highly skilled in the areas of pre-indictment dispositions involving cooperation, plea negotiations, motions practice and, where necessary, presentation of comprehensive and strategically-developed analysis of sentencing issues.  When a client decides that it is necessary to proceed to trial, the firm is aggressive in its presentation of evidence of our client’s innocence, and equally aggressive in challenging the evidence and arguments presented by the government.

Our Constitution provides individuals with a range of protections from the abuse of government power, but those protections only assist us if we know how to take advantage of them.  The Law Offices of Richard G. Novak knows how to do just that.